Bad Ideas for Pillow Talk

“Don’t talk about anything that you might regret later”

You’ve had amazing sex, and now it’s all a matter of chatting your girl up to keep her coming back for more. There are certain topics that really just aren’t going to work when it comes to pillow talk, and that’s important to remember when you’re hooking up with a gorgeous girl that you met online. You’ve spent so much time reading adult dating site reviews that you really aren’t going to want to start back at the beginning, so try to keep this hookup around for a couple of dates in the future by avoiding some awkward topics that just don’t work when you’re in bed.

Politics in General

“Who cares about politics after sex?”

No one is going to want to talk about politics after they’re done having sex. You’d be surprised how many guys seem to think this is a good after-sex conversation to have-it is honestly baffling to us, and it drives us nuts that people think this really gets a girl going. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t at all, and it really doesn’t make a difference if you’re meeting a girl in Victoria or in any other part of the world; she’s never going to want to talk about the state of the union after sex in general.

If you can avoid talking about politics after sex, you’re going to be off to a greater start than most people. It’s actually shocking to us that so many guys seem to think this is a good thing to chat about, but seriously–why is she going to care what Canada’s politicians are doing? To some people, it might seem like legitimate small talk, but after the two of you are done having sex, that really isn’t going to be the case at all, so skip it and talk about…well, anything else, really.

Your Next Date

“You might come off as too desperate or clingy”

Arguably, this can work in certain situations, but we honestly think it would be better to wait until the next day. The reason for this is that we really don’t think most women want to talk about the next time you’re going to meet up and have sex after you’ve already done it minutes before. If you try to talk about how much you want to meet up again, you’re going to end up hearing about yourself on a bunch of adult dating website reviews as that desperate guy that just couldn’t take a hint. When you are dating in Canada, you have to be careful. Check The Best Adult Dating Sites Around: Reviews and Comparisons, and read the popular adult dating reviews to learn more about the legit sites.

If you end up talking about your next date too early, you really are going to end up sounding like you’re completely and utterly desperate. This is why we highly recommend you keep your mouth shut, and focus on basically anything other part of the hookup. Talking about your next date is awfully ambitious if the two of you have only had sex once, so just talk instead about the date you’re on now, and how much you enjoyed it in general. That will get the point across in the exact same way as far as we’re concerned.

What Sucked About It

“Don’t even think about broaching for this topic”

After sex, no woman is going to immediately want to hear about what she did that wasn’t up to par. In fact, you really should spare this conversation entirely when it comes to hookups. If the sex wasn’t good, that’s just your cue to never see her again, and then you simply don’t have to worry about it anymore. Hookups aren’t there for you to end up fixing relationships–they are there for fast and easy fun, and that means that you really shouldn’t worry about fixing anything in particular.

If you do like the girl otherwise, then a bit of criticism well after the fact is fine. This is only if you actually want to put in that much effort, however, so we otherwise highly suggest that you skip out on bothering to criticize her efforts in the bedroom. It’s just not going to end in a good evening, and honestly, it’s better to preserve the mood than to actually sit around and nitpick every single thing that she did in bed. If you skip that part, you’ll both end up having a better evening, even if the sex wasn’t perfect.

Complaints About Work

Any complaints are a bad idea, truth be told. If you sit around in bed after sex and complain about your work, your family, or anything else that has to do with your day-to-day life, you’ll be back to the drawing board of adult dating website reviews. This applies no matter where you are in the world, so don’t think that you’re exempt just because you’re in Victoria; you need to keep your complaints about your day to day life to yourself, or you’ll just end up annoying her in general.

Think about it from your own perspective. If she started complaining about her daily work life, it’s just going to end up annoying you. This is why you really shouldn’t end up wasting your time and energy to start complaining about things she isn’t going to care about anyway, because you have to remember: this isn’t a relationship. This is just a hookup, and the two of you are only meeting up for a fleeting one-night stand. You don’t want her to get the wrong idea and think that you’re actually confiding in her like you would a girlfriend.

Any Other Woman

“Are you serious? She doesn’t care about your experience with another woman”

Whatever you do, you should never talk about other women after sex. If you do this, she’s probably going to slap you in the face and send you packing, and honestly, we can’t blame her. We’d probably do the same thing, because trust us–there’s very little that’s more annoying than that. It really kills the mood, and it’s going to kill the chance of you ever ending up hooking up with this one particular girl again.

Any talk of other women is a bad idea, and this includes any of your friends. It’s just going to end up annoying her, so keep your mouth shut and focus on her instead. That’s what your evening with her is ultimately amount, so keep that in mind and think carefully before you end up talking to her about anything that might irritate her.

There are a lot of other topics that a pretty off-limits when it comes to pillow talk, but we think we’ve covered a great number of the worst. That means that you’re just going to have to monitor yourself in general when it comes to chatting up your hookup after sex, but that’s easier than you’d think so long as you think twice about the things that come out of your mouth. We know that a lot of guys have difficulty with mind to mouth filters, but seriously–just take the time to think with the right head for five minutes, and you won’t end up regretting the things that come out of your mouth. You’ll also end up having a much greater number of hookups in general, and that’s going to make you a lot happier.

All in all, just watch what you say and the topics that you choose to chat her up about, and you’ll be fine. Good luck with your hookups in general.

Make Great Outdoor Adventures With These Top 5 Apps!

Are you planning to finally get out of your cocoon and start enjoying the wonders of the world out there? You definitely don’t want to miss out on that experience, do you? To further make your adventure worthwhile, there are easy and truly helpful tools that you can use along while you carry on. What’s a more essential and convenient way than relying on mobile apps? They do not only come in handy – literally – with your most mundane problems each day, some apps will definitely keep your outdoor activities fun and enjoyable, too!

  1. MotionX GPS will keep you on the go.

This GPS app will easily track where you are on the globe – even when you’re out there on the ocean sailing, skiing or hiking in the mountains, or just simply running ‘round the block. Download this app and you’re assured that you are never going to get lost since you can conveniently download a variety of topographical maps before even heading out on your trip. This way, you will never have to worry about getting stranded in the middle of nowhere without a decent cellphone coverage. This app can be found in iOS, but Android users could also check out Backcountry Navigator PRO GPS as an alternative.

  1. First Aid – every adventure seeker’s must-have


Chimani National Parks (Free)

When you’re out there on the wilderness, either camping, hiking, or trekking, it is extremely essential to know your first aid basics – especially when you’re in some deserted place where there could possibly be no medical authorities. First Aid will give you accurate and detailed instructions, which come in pictures, videos, and words, that are easy to understand. This Android app also has an iOS alternative called GotoAID.

  1. Survive in the woods with Army Survival

If you’re into camping, don’t go trying to immerse yourself in the woods right then and there. Once you are already out there, you will see that camping is not as easy as it seemed to be when we were little. However, there’s the Army Survival app to help you get through it. Equipped with tactics from military survival, from building a shelter, to starting a fire, to cooking a meal, this app could possible save your life – especially if you’re a camping newbie.

  1. How high could you go with Altitude?

This app is an altimeter that would be particularly helpful for you who is a sucker for climbing tall mountains or even just trekking on rough terrains. It will measure the height, speed, and direction of your travel, as well as give you a heads-up on the maximum and minimum altitude of the route you’re taking. This app is available on Android, but iOS users can also check out a similar app called Elevation Pro.

  1. Get geeky with Chimani National Parks


Every Trail (Free)

You can still be an explorer on plain land by visiting your favorite national parks! Chimani National Parks app contains all the information you will need from 59 national parks there are on the US. Plus, you get to share these information to your social network accounts.

The outdoors can be a great hassle. Before you know it, you will be running to get back home as quickly as possible. However, it can be truly enjoyable as well. These apps will make sure of that.

5 Ways To Prevent Screaming Matches When Discussing Relationship Issues

Every relationship has its own sets of problems. What makes one relationship different from the other is the way people react to these issues. Arguments are normal. In fact, they’re healthy as long as they’re not done very often. The problem comes in when discussions become screaming matches. This is a common dilemma for many couples. They know it’s not going to do them any good, but they can’t seem to put a stop to it. Relationship problems ought to be discussed by the two people involved without screaming at each other. Here are 5 ways to get it done:

  1. Make an agreement on how to deal with relationship problems

The two of you should agree that shouting and name calling won’t be part of the relationship. More importantly, there should never be any form of degrading. You can always explain your side in a clam manner. Keep in mind that screaming matches will only worsen the situation and even end up in a failed relationship.

  1. Know what caused the misunderstanding


Prevent Screaming Matches

No one’s perfect. It’s a given that couples make mistakes. What needs to be done is making the necessary adjustments after the argument. Then again, there’s no way you can adjust if you don’t know the root cause. So find out what caused the argument. This way, you won’t commit the same mistakes again.

  1. Talk, don’t argue

This is as simple as it gets. Screaming matches come from arguments. If you talk and express your concerns, you can stay away from heated arguments. Listen to your partner. You don’t have to agree, but you should let the person know that you respect his or her opinion.

  1. Talk about the issue at a later time



By talking about the problem at a later time, both of you will have the chance to calm down and be more open-minded when dealing with the situation. This really helps in correcting the issue without having to raise your voice or scream to your partner.

  1. Argue at the right time

Arguing isn’t recommended. But if it can’t be avoided, don’t do it in front of your kids. Don’t argue when one is sober and the other is drunk. Don’t talk about relationship problems when you just got off from a very busy day at work. These are the times when your emotions are at its peak and you won’t hesitate to start screaming.

Screaming matches are always preventable. It’s up to the two of you to stay away from it. Keep in mind that any relationship will only work if both parties are interested in making it work. So pay attention to relationship problems and deal with them before they worsen. And when you do, don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Drinking The Right Amount Of Water Daily For Healthy Living

Water, along with healthy foods makes people live life enthusiastically. It has a crucial role played inside and outside of the human body. Many people are still confused about the right amount of water intake which they have to apply in their everyday living. Before getting into the main issue, it is important to learn about the most significant terms and concepts which are relevant to it.

Body Replenishes the Water It Lost

The body has to replenish the water it lost. Drinking is considered as a least wasteful thing to do with water. Thus, when you feel thirsty, you have to drink enough amount of water. This way, you will never feel dehydrated while your skin will get moisturized. The truth is that the human body does not have to take 64 to 80 oz of water daily. It only needs what it really needs.

Amount of Water You Need on Average


Drinking Water at the Right Time

Kidney specialists agree on a particular thing. The eight-by-eight rules is the gross overestimation of the required minimum. In order to replace the water that your body have lost daily, the average-sized adult having a healthy kidney require even 1 liter of water. One liter has been the equivalent of approximately 4 eight-ounce glasses. Based on most estimates, this is the water amount that Americans obtain in solid foods. In other words, even if the doctors do not recommend it, most people cover the minimum water requirements daily without even drinking any fluid through the day.

Does Coffee really can Cause Dehydration?

Another typical misconception is the statement whether tea and coffee can make people dehydrated. Many people believe that they will lose water once they drink coffee. Even though tea and coffee do not hydrate as water, the body can retain about two-thirds of the fluid. Thus, if have been counting the cup of water you intake, you may still add the cups of coffee or tea that you want to drink.


How Much Water Do I Actually Need to Drink Every Day?

If you want to ensure that you are doing the right thing, try asking medical experts about it. Take note that what you believe now can only be a misconception. Before you do or change one thing, you have to seek advice from your physician.

Your health is the most important aspect of living. When you are healthy inside and out, you can freely and comfortably do your tasks. Drinking the right amount of water daily should be a part of your system because this will make you healthy. By simply drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day, you can get rid of toxins inside your system. Drinking water will serve as your cleansing tool to eliminate those toxins.

Getting The Best Value From Your Credit Card Rewards

Many credit card holders take for granted the value that comes from reward points. Some of them are contented with occasional redeeming of merchandise items with their accumulated points. Others sadly just let their points expire and go to waste. Many people just don’t realize that they can actually get a lot of benefits from their plastic points.

If you are a cardholder yourself and you wish to find out more about maxing out the benefits from you reward points, read the following tips below.

Accumulate points for better rewards


What Not to Do With Your Credit Card Rewards

There is no point redeeming items every time you acquire a few points. Many of these merchandise items give the lowest value to your points, about one cent per reward point. It would have been better to buy these items at a discount using your credit card, giving you a few more extra points. All these accumulated points can acquire of value of several cents a point when used for luxury travel or last-minute flights. Think about the huge difference!

So the name of the game is to save as many points as possible. One way to achieve this is through reward point transfers. Some credit card companies allow cardholders to transfer reward points among multiple accounts. Others allow transferring points to family members and even to co-workers.

Transferring points is also the best option if a cardholder is planning to close an account but does not want the reward points in that account to go to waste. It might not be much, but it surely counts in hitting the big rewards.

Preserve your points by keeping your account in good standing


How to Compare the Best Credit Card Rewards Programs

One of the causes for losing those valuable points, especially if you have accumulated quite a number already, is a failure to make payments on time. Most credit card companies stipulate in their agreements with their cardholders that rewards would be withheld in the event that the cardholder incurs late fees.

The best way to avoid the possibility of late fees is to refrain from overextending your credit card. Going beyond your credit limit or what you know is reasonable for you will likely end up in your inability to pay on time.

Avoid redeeming rewards for statement credits

The prospect of converting reward points into more cash is irresistible to many cardholders. But more logical individuals will know that this is not the best thing to do with their reward points. Such conversions are mostly at one cent per reward point, as is implemented by both Chase’s Sapphire Preferred and Ink Bold. The more discriminating cardholders will use their points instead on travel reservations booked through Chase, a conversion of about 1.25 cents per point.

There is definitely more to credit card reward points. When accumulated over time, they can bring a lot of benefits such as award travels to a cardholder. One only has to be more tactful in choosing the best way to spend these hard-earned points.

The Right Smartphone For Your Business Needs

As years go by, businesses felt the need to alter means to comply with the fast changing aspects of current technology. The library has been of less use of the few, mainstream media is the new busy, our mode to efficiency has been totally remodeled, and obviously, smartphones are taking over the world.

Any businessman without a smartphone probably hasn’t been on the verge of their success. These devices help those profitable proprietors to stay on the loop and execute further business plans. A lot of entrepreneurs prefer a smartphone over the not-so-techy phone they can manipulate to multitask. If you can’t keep up with all of these techy talks, perhaps you don’t own a smartphone, do you? If you are looking for a smartphone that best suits your need, the following might help you to select one.

Be a part of the iPhone craze


Mobile Marketing News Stories Small Businesses Need to Read

The sensation is all over the business world, students, artists, and people from all walks of life. Apple’s latest is the iPhone 5 – thin, light, retina display, and stacks of application to choose from that suits your need and provides access to your mail, calendar, to-do list, join the Jive, and Cisco Jabber where you can receive and place calls through Wi-Fi network, wireless LAN, and VPN. You can also study business metrics through Roambi Analytics. Oversee your team’s performance through Daylite 4 where you can trace various projects and resources. Of course, those are just few of the thousand applications you can have at your palms.

A lineup of Android phones for business


Is Your Business Card Sending the Right Signals?

iPhones are excellent but Android phones are keeping up with the superiority and provides a myriad of options too. Right now, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the leading Android phones and its features are quite amazing, like the air gestures, smart scroll by tilting your head, and active noise cancellation with dedicated mic. Applications like Brainshark will enable you to view and manipulate PowerPoint on your phone, OfficeDrop which turns anything scanned into a text-searchable PDFs, QiuckBooks for your invoices, and the access to Google Drive with 5 GB of free storage to obtain different files and collaborations. There is a wide array of Android applications that will surely facilitate easy-as-a-pie business management.

BlackBerry as a business phone

BlackBerry has been a dependable option for numerous businessmen with the compact QWERTY keyboard and the user-friendly approach to managing calls and emails. Research In Motion has been way behind iPhone and Android phones for some time due to application limitations and some users made the switch. However, others remain loyal to them because the built-in apps like Word To Go (MS Word), Sheet To Go (Microsoft Excel), Slideshow To Go (PowerPoint), and the BlackBerry Messaging or BBM. The newest vanguard is the BlackBerry Z10 which runs ported Android apps and enables you to select some mentioned applications you want to run in your phone. It can also keep 8 applications running at one time (Active Frames).

Determining which smartphone suits for your venture can be tough because all of them can provide the same needed services. Make a list of what your business requires and compare. Whatever your choice is, certainly you are going to thank that little powerful gadget.